Potsdam police officer Murray is responsible for Garret Phillips...

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Potsdam police officer Murray is responsible for Garret Phillips death. Why he was not even investigated is because Potsdam police are probably the most corrupt in the country. Ran by criminal manor family for years. Another cop getting away with murder. No one even knows Garrett Phillips mother was dating a Potsdam tyrant? Disgusting.

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Potsdam police came to a party I was at knew I was drinking told me to get in my truck and leave several times and I refused because all they wanted to do was give me a DWI because they could not get any disorderly conduct on anybody. When my ride came to pick me up she was harassed. Dale Wells was chief of police then came to Norwood and ruined our town took the park benches out of the village arresting kids for chewing gum. Quite the hero

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King pothead

Now that i am king of potsdam i demand to see the dampot!
i am going to make EVERYONE wear fart filters, even the cows like that fat beef next door, i will order extra extra xxxx large filter for those fat bitches in spandexxx. no more greenhouse gas!!!
all policemen will be equipped with fart sniffers, there will be roadside check points to test car seats.
there will be fartalizer test given to anyone that smells like poop.
we must curb the stank.
also those fat spandex chicks will wear one on there front door too, those queefs are staaannnnky.

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Love those tight spandex most of the time!

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